Sweating is a normal, natural and essential bodily function necessary to control body temperature during times of work, exercise and warm/hot surroundings.  It is regulated by the body's sympathetic nervous system.

However, when this system is revved-up it can work at a very high level causing 'excessive sweating' to occur at inappropriate times. This condition is known as Hyperhidrosis 

Yes, it is embarrassing but you don't have to despair any longer. There are Sweating Cures for hyperhidrosis that deal with every type of sweating problem you may be experiencing.  

 I am going to introduce you to a fantastic solution to help you stop sweating ... even profuse, excessive sweating and night sweats ... with the  'Sweat Free FORMULA'  

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How To Stop Sweating & Stay Dry Forever! 

We know that sweating is a normal body procedure through which your body regulates its temperature and removes toxins; however, sweating can become excessive due to nervousness, stress, being overweight, or anxiety.  Profuse sweating is embarrassing and can have a very negative influence on one's self-esteem and quality of life in general.  We have done extensive research on excessive sweating and/or profuse sweating and found an effective, natural method to stop this embarrassing situation once and for all.

This might be a bit technical for some but it is important to understand the mechanics of the human body.  the body's sweating control center is in the pre-optic and anterior hypothalamus where thermo-sensitive neurons are located.  It is a biological function wherein the hypothalamus in the brain controls the temperature of the body in a process called thermoregulation, which varies from person to person depending on genetics, the environment, level of physical activity, stress, etc.  Sweat levels are therefore different with everyone but here at we offer you a totally natural way to stop sweating.  It will also eliminate the unpleasant smell associated with sweating.  

Sweating, often referred to as perspiration, is the production of fluids by the sweat glands in the skin of all mammals. Sweat contains chemicals or odorants 2-methylphenol and 4-methylphenol and a small amount of urea, and is commonly odorless.  However, when acted upon by micro-organisms, the sweat produces body odor which is usually unpleasant.  Over the counter deodorants can only mask this unpleasant smell but these products even when combined with an antiperspirant seldom provide much real help for those suffering from excessive sweating.  

Obviously body odor causes much embarrassment and distress because of the negative impact not only socially but also emotionally, often causing anxiety or even panic attacks, which often increases the sweating!  it is an awful, vicious cycle.  Since people with excessive sweating tend to be withdrawn from society because of the stigma and embarrassment even everyday life can become unbearable.

Finally however, you're in the right place to learn how to naturally control this situation once and for all.

Traditional treatments have included expensive: Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirants, unsightly Underarm Sweat Pads,  Oral Medications (with what side affects?), painful and expensive Botox injections, Iontophoresis (which only works on certain parts of your body) and as a very last resort, a surgical procedure called Endoscopic Thoracic Sumpathectomy

While these methods can only partially stop sweating and reduce sweat and body odor in some areas of the body, they offer only limited help with excessive sweating and most of them are not permanent.  Taking medications, using prescription antiperspirants, or having botox injections every 4-5 months might help reduce sweating, but at what cost?  You have to spend money on repeated treatments, experience pain, and sometimes suffer from irreversible and serious side-effects that can permanently harm your health ... and you still suffer!  

I needed and wanted to know how to STOP my profuse sweating, period!

Here's That Answer

I found the simple and effective solution on 

How To Stop Sweating ... at this website: 

Sweat Free Formula

It Stopped My Excessive Sweating ... for good!

He Was Right When Stating ...
'My Simple Methods Will Make You Stop Sweating In Under A Week' 


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Learn How To stop Sweating

How To Stop Excessive Sweating


"Sweat Free Formula" offers an effective and sensible approach to treating excessive sweating naturally, and it is a very good way to eliminate profuse sweating.  It actually stops  excessive perspiration and has been like a miracle for a great number of people worldwide.

In an attempt to help me, my family doctor ordered lots of 'blood-work', 'Neurological' testing,  a 'Sleep Apnea' study, prescription drugs, and much more with no improvement at all and no answer for my excessive perspiration problem.  I personally had better results using Johnson's Baby Powder to stay dryer, less sticky, and to help control odor.  Unfortunately that could not help my head and face and hands from sweating.  What I needed was something to help me stop sweating all over my body, without being covered in baby powder (not the most manly smell, huh!?).  

What's great about 'Sweat-Free-Formula' is that it is completely safe, natural and effective!  It stops profuse sweating and completely eliminates this sweat disorder and the resulting body odor.

You'll never have to buy expensive items or equipment, and you won't have to use drugs or undergo possibly dangerous medical procedures.  

You've lived with this long enough!  It's time to give this 'Sweat-Free-Formula' a chance to free yourself.  Get your life back, and start doing all the things and wearing all the clothes you thought were forever out of the question.

Best of all you have a 100% customer satisfaction 60-day full-money-back-guarantee.  

So you simply can not lose.

Sweat Free Formula

This incredible E-book (NO waiting, NO shipping and handling!) is just $47.00.

See for yourself the difference it makes in every aspect of your life when you become  Sweat-Free Forever

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Sweat Free Formula how to stop excessive sweating


 ♡ How to Control Excessive Underarm Sweating ♡

This is the most effective personal hygiene product I've ever used!  I've bought it continuously for a few years now and it is so amazing.  It lasts for months and at this point, I can go weeks without putting it on and not have to worry about underarm sweating.  It is still available at most drugstores.  If you experience burning and dryness, discontinue use until the symptoms go away because continuing use will make it worse!  At that point, use much less than before.  The pain is no fun.  


Certain Dri: Product Features

  • This doctor-recommended, non-prescription product is applied several times a week at bedtime
  • Certain Dri is colorless, fragrance free and has been categorized as safe and effective in the ongoing review of non-prescription drugs
  • It is applied sparingly at bedtime, and it will not wash off after bathing/showering
  • In many cases, the user will discover that it will not be necessary to apply Certain Dri every night to control the problem

However, For Whole Entire Body Excessive Sweating Use

Sweat Free Formula

How To Cure Excessive Sweating NOW!

I highly recommend Sweat Free Formula.  It offers natural and effective answers to control excessive sweating.  I have permanent relief with none of the ongoing costs, pain, or side-effects of so many of the other methods out there.  I urge anyone with this problem to try Sweat Free Formula.  The 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee is in place for 60 days, and it took me less time than that to realize how well Sweat Free Formula really works.  My friends, family and co-workers have noticed the difference it has made in my life ... thank you again for this great solution.

Sincerely, Annie B

Sweat Free Formula

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How To Stop Sweating

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